Yorkshire County Championships – Distance Events

1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th January 2020 at John Charles

TYS’s first outing at County Championship level saw so many qualifications that two reports are now considered necessary, starting with the distance events, which were spread over two weekends, in which 22 swimmers raced in 76  individual events.


Sat am

100 back: Giorgia, Sophia, Tabby, Abby, Meredith, Gemma and Eleanor

200 IM: Ethan

400 free: Sophie and Eleanor

200 breast: Jimmy and Jacob

First out for TYS were Giorgia and Sophia, who claimed both the reserve finalist berths in their age group. Abby also secured a reserve position and was then upgraded to the final itself, following a withdrawal. Meredith took no chances, qualifying directly for her final. In their finals, neither Meredith nor Abby challenged for a medal but both improved on their time from the heats claiming 6th and 9th respectively.

In the 200 IM, Ethan qualified safely for the final, notching a PB in the process. In the final itself, Ethan claimed 8th, with another PB.

In the 400 free, Eleanor finished 11th, a solid effort, without the need to do it all again in the final.

There were no finals for the youngsters in the 200 breast, where Jimmy and Jacob claimed 4th and 6th respectively, along with the rather slick pennants that are awarded to all finalists / top ten finishers.

Sat pm

100 breast: Jimmy, Jacob and Ethan

200 IM: Sophia, Indi and Abby

400 free: Maxwell

Jimmy and Jacob both had finals to aim for this time in the 100 breast, and both safely claimed berths therein, with Jimmy bagging a long course PB in the process. Ethan also progressed safely to the final. In the finals, Jimmy claimed 8th before Jacob and Ethan did all that could be asked of them by notching PBs. Jacob finished 5th, with Ethan enhancing his metalwork collection with a bronze medal.

In the 200 IM, there was no final for Sophia to aim at, but she claimed her pennant with a sizeable PB for 7th overall. Abby did have a final to aim for and qualified safely for it with a long course PB. In the final itself, she finished 6th, also going faster than she had in the heats.

In the 400 free, Max pulled out a PB (by 5 seconds) for which his reward was do it all again in the final, having finished 10th in the heats. The final was perhaps a challenge too far for Max, and he looked very pleased to finish with the energy to exit the pool under his own steam.

Sun am

100 fly: Freya, Indi, Abby and Meredith

100 breast: Eloise, Tilly, Jessica and Indi

200 fly: Maxwell

400 free: Sophia

First out for TYS today was Freya, who recorded a PB in the 100 fly. Abby and Meredith then progressed safely to their finals in which Abby improved a smidge from the morning to finish 6th, whilst Meredith improved by over a second to finish 5th.

In the 100 breast, Eloise claimed a reserve finalist position with a PB, with Jessica also bagging a PB.

In the 200 fly, “Mad Max” could have been forgiven for taking things easily, given his double 400 from the day before. Instead, he took 10 seconds off his PB, a fantastic result, with the added bonus of not having to do it again in final.

Sun pm

200 free: Max

100 free: Freya and Sophia

400 IM: Indi and Tabby

200 back: Jacob

Max kicked off the afternoon session in the 200 free with a PB, albeit a fairly modest one size-wise compared to his recent efforts.

Freya bagged her second PB of the day in the 100 free, with Sophia recording a long course best to qualify for the final. In the final, Sophia added to the general trend by going faster than in the heats, by a fair amount too, claiming 5th after qualifying 7th, with a PB into the bargain.

Jacob then rounded off the first weekend with 9th place overall in the 200 back.


Sat am

200 free: Sophia, Indi, Libby, Tabby, Sophie, Eleanor, Abby and Ellie

100 fly: Jacob, Alex, Max and Tom

200 breast: Tilly, Jessica and Indi

400 IM: Jimmy and Jacob

First out today, in the 200 free, was Sophia, bagging a reserve finalist spot in 11th place. Sophie and Libby both secured PBs with Sophie also a reserve finalist. Abby and Ellie were then both just outside their PBs but progressed safely to their finals. In her final, Abby came from 9th at the half way point to claim 4th, just 0.02s off the bronze medal, with a sizeable long course PB. Ellie provided much less drama and was never lower than 4th in her final, finishing third to claim the bronze and a new national QT.

In the 100 fly, Jacob bagged a reserve finalist place with 11th, Tom qualified for the final in 8th, and both Max and Alex both secured PBs. In his final, Tom also stepped up from his heat performance to claim 7th overall.

In the 200 breast, Tilly and Jessica both notched PBs, with Tilly the 2nd fastest 10 yo in the joint 10/11 age group.

Jimmy and Jacob rounded off the heats, in the 400 IM, with Jimmy claiming a reserve finalist position in 12th and Jacob finishing 5th overall.

Sat pm

200 fly: Sophia, Ellie, Indi and Eleanor

100 free: Jacob, Maxwell, Jake, Alex, Ethan and Tom

In the 200 fly, Sophia and Ellie both recorded PBs, before things kicked off in the lads’ 100 free. Everyone bar Tom got at least a long course PB, with Tom keeping his powder dry for the final. Ethan also qualified for his final. “Mad Max” was again in particularly frisky form, taking nearly 2 seconds off his PB.

In their finals, Ethan and Tom deployed contrasting tactics. Ethan burnt most of his matches up the first length, leading at the turn before finishing 4th. Conversely, Tom was 4th at the turn before revving up the outboard motor to finish second with a long course PB.

Sun am

100 free: Sophie, Libby, Tabby, Gemma, Abby and Ellie

100 back: Jacob and Jake

200 back: Eleanor and Ellie

200 breast: Ethan

With Storm Ciara battering John Charles, the heat in the viewing gallery was, for once, most welcome, as it enabled a lot of wet coats to be dried out.

In the 100 free, Sophie bagged a PB and was just 0.03s off a place in the final in 11th place before Ellie (breezing through) and Abby (gusting strongly up the second length) qualified for their finals in 3rd place.

In the backstroke heats, Jacob qualified 3rd for his final, with Jake notching a long course PB in the 100, before Ellie qualified for the 200 final in 3rd place.

In the 200 breast, Ethan rounded off the morning heats with a PB to qualify 3rd for the final.

In the finals, Jacob was out first in the 100 back, improving on his time in the heats in finishing 4th, a feat repeated by Ethan in the 200 breast, with the added bonus of another PB. Ellie then cruised to a silver medal in the 200 back with a long course PB. Abby and Ellie then rounded off the morning with silvers in the 100 free.

Sun pm

200 IM: Jimmy and Jacob

1500 free: Eleanor

In the medley, Jimmy and Jacob both bagged PBs, with the latter claiming a bronze medal. Eleanor then bagged PB in the 1500m, to claim 6th place and also kicked anyone else’s claims to the award for “Most TYS metres at the county champs” into the long grass at the same time!

Half Time Summary

There is serious risk that TYS’s credentials as a “Sprint Club” have been badly dented over the last two weekends, with a finalist at 400m, medals at 200m and enough girls in the 200 free to populate two relay teams. The overall efforts translated to results as follows:

Silvers: 4 (2 * Ellie; Tom and Abby)

Bronzes: 3 (Ethan, Ellie and Jacob)

Other top ten placings: 20 (5 * Jacob; 4 * Abby; 3 * Ethan; 2 * Sophia, Meredith and Jimmy; and 1 * Max, Tom and Eleanor)

Heat times “converted” to faster times in the final: 18/21 = 86%, a stat to make any coach happy!

Next up is Sprints Day (22nd Feb) and Teams Day (23rd Feb) where TYS will once again be out in force and hopefully reminding Yorkshire that that our name may have changed but our liking for “50s” hasn’t!

And the usual thanks…

Jane – Coaching weekend #1

Danny – Coaching weekend #2

Sue, Vicki, Phil, Mark and Eleanor – Team Managers

Vicki – Social Media