ASA Membership and Swimming Times

November 2014




Many of you will have received ASA cards. There are still a few to give out if you ask one of the committee members we can get the cards from the drawer. However there are a few that are missing and you will have to  contact the ASA directly on if your card is missing I’m afraid.

You can only contact them if you haven’t already been issued one. If you have been issued one but lost it, I have been told it is unlikely you will get a replacement.


ASA Membership Card

You can find your swimmers ASA number and times through this  website under Galas
.   Click on ‘Find your swimming times from the ASA site’ when you get to the new website you  type in your family name and press enter.  You then scroll down to your own swimmer’s details, confirming they are with Tadcaster.

This will give you their ASA number and best swim times recorded at an official meet – useful for filling in gala forms.