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The Committee 2020 – 21

Eleanor Carswell – Chair

I’m Eleanor and have been a ‘swim parent’ since 2008 when my daughter Annie started squad. My son Tom joined in 2011 and is currently one of the Club Captains. To find out more about how the club worked, I joined the committee in 2012, then did 6 years as Secretary from 2013 and am now taking the plunge as Chair.

I am one of the Team Managers helping poolside at galas and have also helped to organise the overseas Swim Camps.

I sometimes feel like I live at the pool and am always happy to help new parents and swimmers settle into squad and answer any questions.

Victoria Bryant – Secretary/Gala Secretary

My name is Vicki and I’ve been a supporter member of Tadcaster swim squad for nearly 6 years, first with my son Alex and then my daughter Indi who still swims in the squad.

This is my third term on the committee. I’ve done 2 years as gala secretary and now decided to try my hand as club secretary. I joined the committee initially as I really want to help support the club to develop and grow and it’s great seeing the club and our swimmers going from strength to strength.

I remember being a new swim parent and not having a clue what it was all about so having learnt a bit more about swimming I’m more than happy to support anyone who needs some help!

David Parkinson – Treasurer

David Parkinson, general dogsbody and taxi driver to Gemma and Abby.

“Swim Dad” since early 2014. Custodian of club performance data since mid-2015,  TimeKeeper/Judge since mid-2016, even though white is definitely not my best colour. Membership Secretary since 2018.

If anyone has a random urge to talk about bizarre stats or the more arcane aspects of swimming rules then “my door is always open”.

An unusual fact about me is that in my student days, I once shared a sleeping carriage on an overnight train to Lourdes with three nuns.

Spencer Brown – Welfare

Anne Netherway – Membership

I’m Anne mum to 3 children Abby 12, Harry 10 and Phoebe 7. Abby and Harry both swim for Tadcaster and joined the club aged 9. Phoebe also loves swimming and hopes to join Development Squad soon. I swam for Thirsk and Darlington when I was young, and still enjoy swimming twice a week if I can fit it around the kids training sessions.
As well as joining the committee, I recently completed the team manager courses. I was team manager for the first time at the Viking Sprints gala. It was quite hectic but I managed to get everyone to the right race on time!

Amanda Wright – Kit

I’m Amanda Wright I live locally with my husband Nick, our younger daughter Grace and our swimmer Sam. Sam has been swimming with Tadcaster Swim Squad for just over a year and seems to be enjoying club life.

I swam competitively myself many years ago?! I then taught children to swim when I later volunteered for my club and went on to work part time teaching at various Leeds pools during further education. I still enjoy swimming and remain unbeaten by my son but I fear, not for very much longer!!

I’m looking forward to watching the club grow and find a place on the map whilst retaining its identity and supporting the next generation of local swimmers.

Katie Gregory

I’m Katie with two swimmers in squad, Georgina (12) and Tom (10).  Georgina has been a member for almost two years and Tom, around nine months.  This is my second year on the committee.

As well as being involved with Tadcaster Swim Squad, I also keeps the financial records for Tadcaster Pool up to date.

Sarah Smith

I’m Sarah Smith and have 2 children Tom and Lucy. Tom is 10 and he is a fairly new swim squad member. He has just started going to galas and is really enjoying them. Lucy is 4 and her swimming journey is only just beginning!!

As a family we love swimming and it is always our ‘go to’ activity day!

I am looking forward to being a committee member partly to help me understand a bit more as to what’s going on and also to offer my help and support to the background work that makes it all happen!

Joanne Spavin

I’m Jo and my daughters Gwen and Jess both swim for Tadcaster and love being members of the club. I’ve been a committee member since June 2019.


Non-Committee special roles

David Parkinson – Club Records


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