Details of all galas can be found on this page and through the Calendar on the left hand side. Please download a copy of the galas for 2019-20 using the link below.

Gala Calendar (currently no galas planned)

Find your swimming times from the Swim England site

Important Gala Documents

Convert times – Long Course – Short Course
Guide to Swimming Galas and Competitions
Code of Conduct for Under 18s

Code of Conduct for Over 18s

Do I have to compete in galas?

Yes is the short answer! As a member of TYSSS swimmers are required to compete in at least 3 galas a year. Swimming in galas is the best way to improve and register your times with Swim England. Gala practice is vital for a swimmer and each squad member is expected to enter at least some galas throughout the year. The gala calendar is planned by the coaches to ensure there are suitable galas for all swimmers throughout the year.

Can I discuss my child’s progress with the coaches?

Yes you can book appointments with the coaches to discuss your child’s development. You are not allowed to discuss any matters at poolside however as this is against pool etiquette and distracts the coaches from their coaching duties.

Support at Galas

Parents/carers are welcome to come and spectate at galas. Most galas will charge a fee for entry of about £5.  If you cannot attend a gala that your swimmer has entered then please let the team manager know beforehand along with any emergency contact details.

What do I bring to galas?

You’ll need to bring plenty of water and snack. Please be aware of food that cannot be taken for allergy reasons (nuts, kiwis, sesame seeds and strawberries)   Guidance on nutrition can be found using the link.

What kit do I need at a gala?

You’ll need a Tadcaster York Sport swimming hat, goggles, T shirt, footwear such as flip flops or similar, two towels, snacks and plenty water. You might also want to bring something to do in between events when you are not swimming or supporting your team.