Club Records

Find our latest Club Records below:

Our club records are continually updated – they have been compiled both for general interest and to serve as targets for swimmers as they progress through the squad. Swimmers can aim to beat an existing record or, where the record is listed as “NA”, bag a record as the first swimmer in Tadcaster York Sport colours to complete the event in question.

The intention is to update the records after each gala, though there are so many individual records which change hands so frequently that announcement of new record holders won’t in general be made.

The records have been compiled primarily from downloads from the Swim England rankings, but also from official results for relay lead offs (marked with “*”) and the York Sport Speed Awards (marked with “**”).

Whilst it is Swim England / British Swimming policy to exclude relay lead off times for rankings and qualifications for county and regional championships, we are more generous in respect of club records and do include any relay lead off times that are included in official results. Such efforts are timed “hooter to wall” and are thus directly equivalent to individual races.

Other relay legs are not included as these can benefit considerably from the flying start.

Mistakes are inevitable as there are over 600 combinations of age, gender, stroke and pool length and there are also 17,000 individual performances since 2008 in the club database. Checking every record is therefore impossible without a larger number of volunteers than we currently have!

Therefore, please advise via if you think your swimmer is owed any records or has been credited with one by mistake.