Membership to Swim Squad is open to all swimmers irrespective of race, sex , disability, political persuasion, religion or sexual orientation and will be offered when space is available in the squad and the swimmer has been assessed by the coaches. The Club may refuse membership only for good and sufficient cause, such as conduct or character likely to bring Swim Squad or the sport into disrepute, or, in the case of a swimmer, being unable to achieve the entry standards required by the coaches.

Unfortunately due to pool size, health and safety, swimmer enjoyment and access to pool time the squad size is limited in line with the constitution. There are no more than 9 swimmers per lane. As a result of this restriction, places will be allocated by the coaches after a trial where the coach will assess if a swimmer is ready to join and what sessions will be offered. All notifications of membership will be made to the membership Secretary/Secretary in line with the club constitution.

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TSS Frequently Asked Membership Questions

What is a supporter member?

Our constitution says that all swimers must have a Supporter member . This is usually but not necessarily the parent. The supporter member has a right to vote at the AGM and are an essential part of the Swim Squad.